Microscope Service and Repair Center

Service and Repair Center

Microscope Service and Repair:

J.R. Instruments has experience repairing many different Microscope models and brands; we work on everything from Simple Stereo Zoom microscopes to multi-axis motorized automated measuring systems and profile projectors. We work in semiconductor clean rooms, bio-research facilities, Gem Industries and Government facilities. We also perform a 5 step Preventive Maintenance service on your microscopes with a 6 month labor and workmanship warranty. Click here for more details regarding our Preventive Maintenance Service.

Please Contact us for free consultation on how to become your outsourced Microscope Service-Repair & Calibration Center   -   Phone: 310 398-7951 - 310 863-9885 - Email: info@jrinstruments.com

Microscope Service Repair

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Leica Microscope Repair

Leica Microsystems Repair

Leica Microsystems Repair

Leica LED Microscope Repair

Leica LED Microscope Repair

Leica Spotlight Microscope Repair

Leica Spotlight Microscope Repair

Olympus Service CenterNikon Authorized Dealer

We offer a free in house evaluation to any of your broken or failed microscopes, please contact us for on site evaluation fees.

Our evaluation includes a preliminary function check, and an explanation of the options available for the repair cost or replacement of the unit.

Obsolete and unsupported Microscope repair is often unsuccessful but we will make our best effort to provide you with an evaluation and dependable repairs within reasonable time frame. In some cases we have fabricated replacement parts that are no longer available from the factory.

Feel free to contact us with your microscopic needs.

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J.R. Instruments offers a calibration support, from simple reticle calibration to motorized-computerized software and linear encoders. Our calibration system is operated to meet the industry standards. All our calibration standards are traceable to N.I.ST standards and incompliance with MIL. Sth 45662A

Your equipment can be out of calibration for a number of reasons:

Linear encoder values need to be reset in the DRO.

Bearing can be loose or worn out.

Mechanical Stage can be warped or worn out.

Micrometer disc mounting can be skewed.

We commomly repair all problems noted above, after the calibration has been performed, a calibration label will be affixed to the Microscope. A calibration report is generated and a certificate will be mailed to the consumer within five working days.


  • Research Microscopes
  • Polarizing Microscopes
  • Educational Microscopes
  • Toolmakers Microscopes
  • Metallographs Microscopes


Leica Unitron Meiji
NikonMicro-VuBausch & Lomb
American OpticalOthers


We sell Recondition Microscopes & accessories. Replacement Lamps for all microscopes are also available.

We Provide maintenance, service, repairs and reconditioning for Industrial, Biomedical, Clinical and Gemological Microscopes, Calibration and N.I.S.T.
Certification available upon request.

All of our reconditioned microscopes meet the manufactures specifications, and carry a full three year warranty.

Warranties & Service Contracts:

  • 6 Months warranty on all parts installed
  • 6 Months warranty on all workmanship
  • Service performed at our facilities or on site
  • Preventive maintenance and service available

Preventive Maintenance and service contracts:

Service can be performed on site or our location. Complete Preventive measures to keep your equipment and employee’s productivity at top levels. We accept all RFQ’s and can provide on-site, no obligation quotes and pricing.

Microscope Preventive Service


All optical elements and mechanical components will be thoroughly cleaned using manufacturer’s recommended procedures.


Moving parts requiring lubrication will be degreased with proper solvents and re-lubricated with non- drying lubricants.


All optical elements will be inspected to insured that all optical alignments (focus adjustment, collimation, resolution & magnification) meet manufacturer’s specifications & tolerances.

KOEHLLER ILLUMINATION: (Compound Microscopes)

Align all lighting paths, including condensers, Epi-Fluorescence and vertical Illuminators. We inspect for bad power cords, lamp sockets, housing assemblies and replacement lamps.


An image evaluation will be conducted to insured optimum performance of the instrument and that the instrument is within mfr’s specifications.

(6) Months labor & workmanship.