MZ-II Video Zoom Microscopes

A newly upgraded version of the Video Zoom Microscope

Total optical magnification: 0.11X~67.5X Zoom range of the body: 0.8X~5X Zoom ratio: 1:6.3 CCD coupler: 0.3X, 0.5X, 1X, 1.5X MZ201101 0.8~5X Zoom Body MZ202101 0.35X Coupler MZ202102 0.5X Coupler MZ202103 0.75X Coupler MZ202104 1.0X Coupler MZ202105 1.5X Coupler MZ202106 2.0X Coupler

Objective Lens

- Objective lens: 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X, 2X - Coaxial illuminator is available. - Zoom body with O.D. 39mm, 42mm and 45mm for scope holder MZ203101 0.3X Objective Lens MZ203102 0.5X Objective Lens MZ203103 0.75X Objective Lens MZ203104 1.0X Objective Lens MZ203105 1.5X Objective Lens MZ203106 2.0X Objective Lens MZ203201 Adapter for Infinity Objective Lens (M26X1/36" standard thread) MZ203202 25/34mm Ring Adapter for MZ Fiber Optic Ring Light MZ205101 Coaxial Illuminator

MZ-II Video Zoom Microscope system

MZ-II Video Zoom Microscope with 0.5X Coupler, 1X Objective Lens, 39mm Fine Focus Track Stand, Fiber Optic Illuminator and Coaxial Illuminator